Tide rises on $100 million cash injection



Tide rises on $100 million cash injection

UK business banking paltform Tide has raised over $100 million in Series C funding at a valuation of $650 million.

Among Us Seeing The Imposter Vent #Shorts

When you see the imposter use the vent in Among Us.


I’m Still In Shock..


How Beluga Gained 4 Million Subscribers in 3 Months (Genius Strategy)

Is Beluga the fastest growing channel of all time? In this video we’ll find out the truth behind his growth on YouTube. This guy is a genius.

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Video notes

I decided to dig deeper into Beluga’s backstory….and it shouldn’t surprise you that this guy is a lot smarter than it seems. In fact, Beluga has pretty much discovered the new blueprint for how to grow a youtube channel. He used 4 steps beat the algorithm.

The thing is when Beluga first started his channel, it was unclear what his strategy was…I mean his first videos included a reaction to a man running from a goose, a random minecraft documentary and a commentary video on dream.

Right now a lot of people say youtube is too competitive. And there is some truth behind this, there has never been more creators competing for the same audience….But here’s the good thing, the youtube algorithm rewards great videos, and beluga had a growth spark

A lot of people think getting a shoutout from a larger channel is like hitting the jackpot, but if the content you’re making isn’t already optimized, it can have the opposite effect…So how did Beluga make videos that the algorithm loved?…Well that takes us on to step 2 – Beluga became the session time king

Everything we’ve discussed so far is Important, but there’s something missing that in my opinion is the main reason Beluga gained 4 million subscribers in 3 months. Which takes us on to step 3 – Beluga discovered title and thumbnail strategy.

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video


WW2 Army vs 1 MILLION Zombies Siege | UEBS 2

WW2 Army vs 1 MILLION Zombies Siege | UEBS 2

Today we are testing how a WW2 army will withstand an endless zombie siege in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2. Which army will win? Put your comment down below and let’s see who the victor shall be!

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