Tide commits 100m investment and over 1000 jobs as part of India market entry



Tide commits £100m investment and over 1000 jobs as part of India market entry

UK business banking platform Tide is to kickstart its international expansion strategy in India, with a committment to invest £100 million and create 1000 jobs over the next five years.

Environmental Conservation – New York State Budget Public Hearing

Joint Legislative Public Hearing on 2023 Executive Budget Proposal: Topic –
Environmental Conservation
Let New York State Senators hear your voice! Create a nysenate.gov user profile and set custom alerts on bills and issues you care about, comment and vote ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ on bills, and access live streaming and archived videos of Senate events. nysenate.gov

LESS SUCKS: Overpopulation, Eugenics, and Degrowth

Degrowth is cringe. Buy the Book Adaption of LESS SUCKS: https://amzn.to/3Bsw87T
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00:00 Introduction
04:27 Gimme More
05:22 I: Malthus and Overpopulation
33:56 II: Eugenics
1:19:04 III: Degrowth
2:20:04 Conclusion

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Let’s talk about climate change, degrowth, and some things that are close to antinatalism. Jason Hickel, a degrowth influencer, pushes “post-capitalism” (aka neo-feudalism) via degrowth economics. He claims capitalism is dependent solely on growth. This is incorrect, as capitalism happily degrows itself, as R Palme Dutt outlined in Fascism and Social Revolution in 1934. Dutt, referencing Marx, talks about the TPRF, or tendency of the rate of profit to fall, or more simply the falling rate of profit, to show how imperialist capitalism averts a transition to socialism or communism by artificially limiting the productive forces. This leads to ideologies preaching a “small is beautiful” approach to everything, but this often leads to anti-human viewpoints like antinatalism. We’ve seen antinatalism explained (more like we’ve seen antinatalism debunked) many times because antinatalism is cringe. This documentary is advocating against antinatalist anti-humanism. Ultimately Thomas Robert Malthus is the root of this, and tracing things back to him is the pro-humanity thing to do. Degrowth is cringe, it claims it wants clean energy but its supporters are against nuclear power, which is clean but would support growth. Their response is to advocate eco fascism either without realizing it or just outwardly. The overtly malthusian Warren Buffett and his son Peter Buffet are doing the latter while funding degrowth. The rest of them will claim it’s not about overpopulation but rather about overconsumption or reducing energy production. But the only reason there is a large population is that energy production has been innovated through the centuries. Why do they think we could reduce it by 50-80% and not cull large parts of the population? That’s the trick, they don’t. They know. That’s why they resist nuclear. They’re not pro-human. They want less humans. Who has to go? Well, that’s where eugenics comes in…

Montgomery – Mastermind of El Alamein & Market Garden Documentary

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$100M/Year by Nailing Product-Market Fit with Jonathan Cronstedt — Part I

With questions around product-market fit, deciding when it’s time to scale, and keeping competitors at bay, the billion-dollar bullseye can often feel tiny to entrepreneurs.

Today, Jonathan Cronstedt sits down with me to explain how founders can throw darts that consistently hit the center of their target.

Jonathan is the former president of Kajabi, an e-learning software that he helped grow from $6M ARR to more than $100M in just five years.

In addition to a deep dive into product-market fit, you’ll hear Jonathan’s insights on accepting or rejecting outside capital, the reversal of fortunes in the tech industry, and handling existential crises as a founder.

Want access to the full show notes and all the resources from today’s interview? Visit http://retention.com/16

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