Fresh Pastries Made From Scratch

You'll find them at our coffee shop in Billings, MT

Where do you go when you're craving something sweet? Stompin Grounds is a local bakery serving delicious sweet treats in Billings, MT. Whether you're ready for a cinnamon roll or want to bring muffins into the office, we have you covered.

Some of our options include:

  • Oversized Stuffed Cupcakes (with homemade filling)
  • Not Just Pudding
  • Scones
  • Cinnamon Rolls
Ask us about our current selection of fresh pastries now by stopping by our shop.


Cinnamon Roll Cookie
S'mores Cookie
Lotus Cookie


Toffee Cupcake
with Caramel Cream Stuffed with Chocolate Ganache
S'mores Cupcake
with stuffed marshmallow cream
Black Forest Cupcake
Orange Cardamom Cupcake


Baileys Guinness Cake


Lemon Tart
Berry Bavarian Tart
Cream Tart

Other Sweets

Hand Pies
with Homemade Jam
Ran Berry Orange Scone


Caramel apple pumpkin cupcake
Pumpkin scones
Espresso chocolate fudge cupcakes stuffed with Bavarian cream
Cherry lemonade cupcakes with homemade lemon curd filling
Red velvet Not just pudding!