Nationwide and Kinetic deploy wearables for workers comp


Nationwide and Kinetic deploy wearables for workers comp

Insurance carrier Nationwide has partnered with Kinetic Insurance to deploy wearables for workers compensation insurance.

Workers Compensation – Know THIS BEFORE buying Workers Compensation Insurance!!

Joseph mention’s the facts that every business owner or entrepreneur should know before purchasing a Workers Compensation policy.

Workers Compensation can very confusing and for first time Workers Compensation policy holders the audit process can often be daunting. Workers Compensation policy owners, business owners, contractors and entrepreneurs should understand the ins and outs of a Workers Compensation policy as well as the audit process that could occur after the Workers Compensation policy term ends.

Not understanding these Workers Compensation Insurance items nor providing accurate payroll for your Workers Compensation policy can result in a LARGE Workers Compensation Audit!

Joseph Wells explains these items regarding Workers Compensation Insurance in this video.

Joseph Wells is an agent with Snotherly Insurance Agency based out of Raleigh, NC. He specializes in Workers Compensation and Business Insurance for Commercial clients throughout North Carolina.

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Surveillance Of Your Activities In Workers Comp

Connecticut Workers Compensation Lawyer Jim Aspell
warns anyone who has been seriously injured: Big Brother is Watching You! It is relatively inexpensive for the workers compensation insurance company to hire a private investigator to film you whenever you are outside your home, and even inside your home if the windows are open. If you are on work restrictions, you should always assume you are being videoed. If you are doing anything beyond your restrictions, the insurance company would just love to show that footage to your doctor and get you released to full duty. Be smart. Do not give them that opportunity. For more info, please visit us online at

Why won’t the insurance adjuster offer me a settlement on my work comp claim?

Why won’t the insurance adjuster offer me a settlement on my work comp claim? Not all work comp injuries result in a monetary settlement. There are several factors to be taken into consideration. In this video, we address several of those factors.

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Beware of THIS Workers Comp Social Security Disability OFFSET to Your Benefits!

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It is bad enough to GET an offset, but it is worse to not even see it coming. Know what is ahead so it can be as painless as possible…. The Workers Comp 80% rule.

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