Nationwide and InsurTech Brella join forces with AccuRisk for health insurance


Nationwide and InsurTech Brella join forces with AccuRisk for health insurance

Insurance carrier Nationwide and InsurTech Brella have partnered with AccuRisk Solutions to deliver a supplemental health insurance plan.

90-Second Quick Course How to Shop for Inpatient Quality

90 Second walkthrough of using the Healthcare Bluebook for Inpatient Quality care.

60 Minutes in Personal Insurance: Opportunities in a Changing Marketplace

The personal insurance marketplace is rapidly evolving. The automobile and home industries are experiencing significant challenges, including supply chain concerns and increasing costs of products and services – the insurance industry isn’t immune to the effects of these headwinds. In these challenging times, the insurance carriers and agents who can adapt and respond most effectively will achieve success. Bill Zielinski, Travelers’ Senior Vice President of Personal Insurance, and Loree Toedman, Travelers’ Senior Vice President of Personal Insurance Field Sales, joined us for an insightful discussion and shared the many factors, trends, challenges and opportunities facing the insurance industry and independent agents.

Presented by the Travelers Institute, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, the Master’s in Financial Technology (FinTech) Program at the University of Connecticut School of Business, the MetroHartford Alliance, Trusted Choice and SIAA.

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0:00 Welcome
02:53 Personal insurance lines show steady growth.
04:37 Post-pandemic inflation is impacting profitability.
07:36 Taking a “total account solutions” approach is smart business.
09:43 Telematics will play a key role in the future of auto insurance.
16:22 The independent agent sales channel is strong but must continue to evolve.
20:40 Consumers are digital – and the industry must meet their demands to thrive.
23:21 Travelers is committed to helping agents adapt and grow in a shifting marketplace.
42:23 Attracting and retaining talent in the age of automation is imperative.

Whats New in Supplemental Health Benefits – with Mike Zarrillo

This episode is about supplemental health benefits. Mike Zarrillo, Chief Revenue Officer at Brella Insurance discusses the market’s current state, what’s new, and what’s on the horizon. We’ll dive into understanding what makes a good supplemental benefit and what opportunities exist in this market for advisors.

SOA Research Institute: Dementia, Neurology Deserts and Long-Term Care

Report co-authors Robert Eaton, FSA, MAAA, Principal, Consulting Actuary, Milliman; and Anitha Rao, MD, MA, Neurocern, CEO and Founder, discuss their research on dementia, neurology and Long-Term Care (LTC) claims experience. Access the report at