Equals boosts fraud prevention with Featurespace


Equals boosts fraud prevention with Featurespace

Equals Group, a payments services provider, has partnered with Featurespace to embed fraud prevention technology across its platforms.

How Enfuce Futureproofs its Enterprise Fraud Monitoring | Featurespace

By combining industry expertise, innovative technology and compliance, Enfuce are delivering long term and scalable payment solutions that are fast and secure.

Founded in 2016, Finland’s biggest fintech start-up Enfuce wanted to use a best-in-class, future-proof risk platform. By partnering with Featurespace they were able to remotely deploy the ‘plug and play’ solution that the business needs.

In this discussion, you have an opportunity to hear directly from Tiia Helokas, Fraud Manager, and Michael Fabricius, Customer Success Manager both from Enfuce, about the payment, open banking and sustainability services the business delivers to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants. They will talk about:

-What the business drivers were for acquiring a fraud risk prevention solution
-How the adoption of the fraud risk platform has impacted the way Enfuce does business
-Future innovations in the industry and how best to stay ahead

If you work in fraud, risk, and money laundering prevention, or in fintech and payments, and are looking for a fraud and financial crime prevention solution that can be easily deployed remotely – watch now and gain valuable insights.

Contis: Outsmarting Sophisticated Card and Payment Fraud

Contis is a leading provider of award-winning, end-to-end, banking, payments and processing solutions. Their partnership with Featurespace started in 2018, when Contis identified the need for a best-in-class fraud technology solution to push them even further to the forefront of innovation and support their forward-thinking business objectives.

Watch to discover Contis’ journey to outsmarting sophisticated card and payment fraud.

See the game changing results Contis are achieving with ARIC™ Risk Hub by downloading their Hero Story: https://www.featurespace.com/newsroom/contis-hero-story/

Introducing ARIC Risk Hub – Featurespace

Detect and block fraud and financial crime in real time, across the finance, insurance and gaming industries with ARIC Fraud Hub.

Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub is a real-time, machine learning, fraud management software platform.

Using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics, ARIC understands the behaviour of each individual customer. ARIC identifies new and known attacks and block fraud at the moment it occurs.

ARIC is live and deployed in some of the world’s largest banks, payments processors, merchant acquirers, insurance companies and gaming organisations.

Learn more: https://www.featurespace.com/

Why Has There Been Such a Big Rise in Financial Fraud?

The sharp rise in scams has been hitting the headlines globally, with criminals using a range of increasingly sophisticated tactics to take advantage of individual and organizational vulnerabilities.

In this short video, Fraud Expert Roger Lester answers the question “why has there been such a big rise in financial fraud?”.