Currencycloud, Mastercard join new Fintech Foundation incubator


Currencycloud, Mastercard join new Fintech Foundation incubator

Major players in the FinTech sector have come together to join Integrated Finance’s new Fintech Foundation incubator.

Currencycloud Demo with Todd Latham, VP Marketing and Rachel Neinaber, VP Engineering

We are, at the core, a technology company. What kind of tech company are we, and how easy is it really to integrate to our APIs? Find out directly from Todd and Rachel, our VP Marketing and VP Engineering, right here.

Payments Innovation Podcast | How Open Banking Is Transforming Finance

Open banking is being embraced by banks and Fintechs alike.

It’s still young, but it’s evolving at light speed.

And pretty soon, it’ll be woven into the fabric of everyone’s financial lives.

In today’s episode, Rafa Plantier, Country Manager, UK & Ireland at Tink, covers what you need to know about the open banking transformation.

He explains:

– Why open banking is a more inclusive way of offering financial services
– Why partnerships are the key to success for banks and Fintechs
– How open banking and newer payment solutions will become standard

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Evolution of payments technology

In this episode, host Scott Ernenwein speaks to Astra co-founder and CEO Gil Akos about what these developments mean for payments providers, and why the need for a robust payments platform is greater than ever.

iQSTEL Inc: Pioneering the Future of Global Connectivity, Finance, and Mobility ����

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