The Family

Cynthia Johnson owner and her son, Oscar Dorantes, have always had a passion for food. Oscar currently works at The Buffalo Block and he creates a lot of our specials and handles our full-service catering. Our family has always had a passion for food. Food brings family together and good food is full of love!

We have been on both sides of the food industry before owing the cafe. Cynthia had a quaint little ranch nestled in the foot hills of San Diego where the whole family worked growing vegetables, raising turkey, goats, chickens, rabbits and hogs. Milking goats before school was a normal task for Oscar and his siblings along with making cheese, canning and processing rabbits, turkey and goats for meat and to sell to locals along with live animals for 4H. Sundays were meant for cooking with the family using the freshest ingredients. Some from the ranch, others from the farmers markets. Baking and feeding people has always made us happy.

Stop in for lunch, pastries or even set up your next catering event. Make Stompin Grounds your next food destination!